diabetes treatment

Many with diabetes, faced with tripling insulin prices, are now forced to choose between life and rent.
He would point out that Indians - and South Asians in general - are quite partial to fatty food, and to sweetmeats that drip
There’s a strange phenomena that comes with living with diabetes. Perhaps the same as living with any illness or condition
“As a spiritual man, I believe it was my time to start speaking about health," said Rev. Run.
In high school, I didn't inform my basketball coach that I have diabetes and begged my mom to not tell him. I've hid my diabetes from employers because I was afraid they would not hire me. Countless times I've flat out lied to people.
We finally understand how the immune system helps cause Type 1 diabetes.
To begin, preeclampsia is a disease that affects pregnant women, often presenting itself with high blood pressure, high levels of protein in the urine and swelling of the legs -- symptoms all discoverable via routine evaluation during prenatal care checkups.
Yes, it happened. For a few blessed, fleeting hours, I actually forgot that I have Type 1 diabetes. I'm not talking about pushing it into the back of my mind, but completely and totally forgetting about it. Everything.
A closer look reveals only some people are definitively reflected in the decline.
"You never forget that you have diabetes. You can't. It's always there."