Diablo Cody

The Oscar-winning writer reflected on her movie amid a series of abortion restrictions around the country.
In their follow-up to "Young Adult," Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman remain masters of the depression dramedy.
"I think I took the right to choose for granted at the time."
Jonathan Demme's Ricki and the Flash is one of those near-misses that feels as though a lot of discussion went into the rationale behind every wrong-headed decision. 
While having Meryl Streep for a rockstar mom may sound awesome, it's quite the opposite for her character's kids in "Ricki
Take a look at the infographic compiled by the NYFA below. Can Angelina Jolie hang with Hollywood's leading men, like Robert
I'm not sure if I can stomach an entire film featuring puffy-sleeved blouses and mom jeans, so I'm taking this opportunity to style my dream Sweet Valley Highcast.
Oprah Winfrey and Diablo Cody are working on a new HBO comedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Can we set our DVR pass
I'm at war with loneliness, and loneliness is winning. I'm also in the super swanky SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills -- with beautiful people all around -- to see Oscar winners Diablo Cody and Octavia Spencer, and singer/dancer-with-the-stars turned movie star Julianne Hough.
I imagine that's more fun for you as a writer. I like to write characters that are complicated and have many qualities. I
Diablo Cody's "Paradise" will debut on DirecTV on Aug. 8, but the film is still set for a proper theatrical release on Oct
"Peter Gunn," TNT Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Julie Andrews, Lou Pitt, Scott Rosenberg
People cannot process the fact that a woman could be sexual and funny and brilliant and sensitive and flawed and beautiful and all of those things.
Diablo Cody ("Juno" "Young Adult") As a little girl, The "Star Wars" movies showed me that princesses didn't have to be frail
did she have something to do with her own outing? Was working as a society page journalist all a ruse to create controversy in an otherwise has-been profession of stripping?