The singer is destigmatizing mental health conditions by opening up about living with her bipolar diagnosis in a new interview with Self magazine.
The civil rights icon said he will continue to serve as he begins his plans for treatment.
But new efforts to educate at-risk women about a drug that helps protect against the virus could change that.
"It took every strength in me to keep standing."
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Angie Everhart opens up about her life-changing doctor's visit.
She’s fine now. She’s coping, as you say. But what about in the future?
I had forgotten how precarious I felt on that rollercoaster. Last month, just before we were going to take off for Sun Valley
Donald Trump has recently claimed that Hillary Clinton lacks the “mental and physical stamina” to be president. Just this
My plummeting self-esteem wasn't an unusual way to react to a vitiligo diagnosis. Even the NIH says that although the condition