diahann carroll

The "big, handsome, wonderful guy that you adore" can be "the worst marriage you could possibly make."
Another actress/singer gave a performance that evening at a private reception.
"I thought for a moment that [the conductor] made a mistake."
Check out photos from the evening below: The Paley Center for Media hosted a star-studded event Thursday evening celebrating
“The renowned Paley Archive will come to life during our salute with an expanded African-American media collection of iconic
After years of toiling on TV shows, films, and recording studios, many acclaimed actors and musicians venture off to the
Maybe it was just too good to be true. Diahann Carroll’s much anticipated return to The Great White Way — after 30+ years
Black women now have new voices and visibility that they didn’t have before, although there's still some room for growth
Her appearance -- especially beside Washington, whose starring role in "Scandal" is the first African-American woman lead
Diahann Carroll and Kerry Washington shared the Emmys red carpet on Sunday night and Carroll used that moment to talk about
Carroll admits to struggling with a subsequent range of emotions that came with her breast cancer diagnosis, but then reevaluated
Before Halle was nominated, Kerry Washington got Scandalous, Mrs O. made the List and Beyonce was bootylicious, Diahann Carroll blazed the trail.
Times are changing. And thanks to President Obama's support for LGBT rights, black Americans attitudes towards LGBT people are slowly changing too, but we still have a long way to go to end the bigotry and religious homophobia that still exists.
Makers is a term for all women, whether or not she calls herself a feminist, makes a home, works on a construction crew. She may be the first woman firefighter, first female brigadier general, or first woman orthodox rabbi.
If I were asked to compile a list of my top 10 style icons, Diahann Carroll would definitely make the cut. I've been mesmerized
Blossoming from a teenage model and nightclub singer into a budding actress, Carroll caught a major break alongside Dorothy
In my few decades of doing celebrity hair, I have done many who were nominated for Oscars and a handful who won. There was one time, though, that I was actually backstage, and it turned out to be one very eventful night.