While the annual era of hysteria is upon us here in Hollywood -- the Oscars! -- there's another one that'll last long after the Academy's fanfare has died down.
I marvel at what modern chefs are doing. I should be fluent in Foodish because I write about food and sometimes eat in fancy
Jeanne Robertson is contagious-contagiously funny! When this 6-foot-2-inch-former Miss North Carolina (50 years ago!) was told she'd gone viral (on YouTube), she joked, "I don't think so, I've had all my shots?!"
The maps' overwhelming popularity caused some disruption on the site where the original study was published. The hosting
CARA SANTA MARIA: Hi everyone. Cara Santa Maria here. In 2009, a German team of researchers published a study entitled "Newborns
HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria speaks with Marilyn Vihman about whether or not babies cry with a particular dialect.
A recent conversation about Ebonics got me to thinking about Faulkner and James Baldwin, and the way certain dialects in this country get no respect.
Many people think of language as a set of rules; break them, and you're Wrong. But that's not how language works. There are different degrees of wrongness, and there's not a bright line between the degrees.
A review by Karen Valby at Entertainment Weekly says that, while the book "could have turned out goofily earnest or shamefully