Diana, Princess of Wales

"She felt so alive to me when I was making this movie," said the actor, who is garnering early Oscars buzz for her portrayal of the late royal in "Spencer."
The slice is in pretty great condition, considering it was made 40 years ago.
Charles Spencer, brother of the late royal, attend the unveiling of a statue dedicated to Diana, alongside her two sisters.
The actor said she wanted her version of the DC Comics superhero to be imbued with the late British royal's "vulnerabilities and heart."
The new book tells the story of a child whose mother died during the coronavirus pandemic.
The pregnant duchess wore jewelry that belonged to Princess Diana and a symbolic lotus flower on her dress.
The 25-year-old dazzled with her portrayal of the late Princess of Wales in the Netflix hit.
In an extended version of the clip, a young Prince Harry plays away on the piano.
"It was just a nightmare," the "Back to the Future" star told Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."
The new star on the Netflix series described one scene in a "freezing-cold swimming pool" in Spain that was the "hardest" to film.