Diane Black

Porn doesn't cause school shootings, but blaming America's ills on smut is a well-worn tactic.
Because there were “just as many weapons” 20 years ago, yet gun violence is up, says Rep. Diane Black. What?
"I think that is a big part" of the spike in such attacks, Rep. Diane Black asserts.
A new Republican bill would source public donors for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
It took us 18 tries to find a GOP congressman who could tell us the individual income tax brackets.
"Is $1 million rich? Is $10 million rich? Is $1 billion rich?"
The GOP is having a nasty family feud over the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Around the country, from town hall to town hall, GOP officials are facing angry constituents. Why are they angry? Because
President Barack Obama's administration had issued a veto threat earlier Thursday, saying the resolution would have "the
This is what they choose to prioritize in the first week. No matter what kind of plans or "autopsies" or happy talk comes out of this winter retreat, one thing's clear: the GOP's priorities are more outrageous than ever.
“Regrettably, there’s an — well not, regrettably, he’s a nice man — but there’s an Adrian Smith,” Smith said. H/T CQ Roll
Democrat Adam Smith Is Mad With This Republican For A Very Very Good Reason