Diane Ravitch

In conjunction with their 4th annual conference in Oakland, California on October 14-15, the Network for Public Education
There is too much at stake. Here are my qualifications.
Our popular 2016 Education Debate series, with the big picture questions in US Education posed to thought leaders at the
We have been stuck on the bandwagon of only "objective" measures, which has kept us focused on Knowledge. It is time to accept
In years to come, when historians look back on the early twenty-first century, they are likely to refer to the "Bush-Obama
The shortcomings of our K-12 system carry over into the postsecondary years at considerable cost. We still have too many instances of social promotion where high school diplomas go to "graduates" who can't do third-grade math.
How we behave and engage in our world - our character qualities - are considered by many to be strong predictors of students
Most states provide less support per student for elementary and secondary schools than they did before the Great Recession