diaper banks

A pantry dedicated to Coast Guard families in need went through three months' worth of diapers in two weeks.
I started out by getting friends to buy cases of diapers at a warehouse club and giving them out to local social service
When we think of people on government assistance, we often conjure pictures of people living in our poorest neighborhoods. The truth is that most of us will get help at some point in our lives. That help is not charity; it is an investment in a healthy society.
Baby diapers are taxed in most states. Adult incontinence products are more likely to be exempt. There is a reason why sales tax usually does not apply to food or medicine. They are necessities. In what world are diapers not?
Chances are you've seen the movie It's A Wonderful Life. It touches most of us, not because it's a true story but because it contains a monumental truth: