Dick Costolo

The need to fix Twitter's growth problems appears to outweigh doubts over Dorsey's job juggling.
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Before we go and talk about Twitter's impending doom, let's take a look at just how important, engaging and socially relevant it is today.
It does not take much to put two and two together here and realize that pecking out 140 characters in text is probably going the way of the rotary dial telephone. So hand it to Dick Costolo. He knew when to get out.
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stepped down Wednesday, six weeks after the company reported poor earnings that drove its shares
CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down. Co-founder Jack Dorsey will serve as interim chief.
Twitter's troll problem is not new, and by their own admission it has been a huge issue. Twitter is a private platform, just like comment sections in news outlets, so it can control the trolling any way it wishes, but it hasn't.
Mark Zuckerberg is rapidly collecting a portfolio of dominant, social media properties - each performing nicely on its' own and become even more powerful if integrated. Twitter sits in that bullseye.