These real, printed physical children’s dictionaries will teach young readers problem-solving and independence.
These words need to be added to the English dictionary — pronto!
Many dictionaries are reinventing themselves for the digital age. But in a time of selfies, twerking, and phrases like "on fleek," what does a modern dictionary look like? And with autocorrect and spellcheck, is proper spelling a fading art form?
Other top-searched words include "oligarch" and "omicron."
The dictionary said players of the popular puzzle game outside of the U.S. were unfamiliar with one answer in May.
The holdup comes as a huge number of donated books and purchases are frozen by Florida's new education restrictions.
Richards is stepping down as the new host of “Jeopardy!” following a slew of controversies, including sexist remarks.
Can you believe that a year ago most people had no idea what "flatten the curve" meant?
The president coined a few new words, including "stankchuary," during his State of the Union address.
These terms rose to popular use and officially entered dictionaries in the 2010s.