"Haven't we gone over this?" the Twitter account for the site tweeted in response to Forbes.
It beat "representation," "self-made" and "backlash" for the annual title.
Many took issue with the magazine’s description of the 20-year-old billionaire.
2017 has been a year of speaking out about bad behavior, silence and inaction.
“I need a sabbatical” I wailed to my coach a few months ago, my lofty 2017 goals and extensive “to do” list lined up in my
While facilitating a career transition group recently, the discussion of finding our life’s work surfaced. As the dialogue
Merriam Webster defines it as “the flesh of slain animals or humans.”
The word stems from "xénos" ("stranger") and "phóbo" (“fear” or “panic”).
What are the 21 words every festivalgoer should be familiar with? There's "underbutt," "lazaretto" and even "Bumbershoot
So, does he predict a sudden rise in the use of 'Bluster' following this announcement? Some of the most common weather-related
hose people -- the confused ones -- come in all shapes, sizes, genders, colors, and political parties but for the sake of argument, and as a nod to the political climate of this GOP Convention week, let's focus on politicians, shall we?
WASHINGTON -- Gay rights supporters have been working to change the definition of marriage for years, trying to get legislatures
When you're about ready to pull your hair out after hours of studying for SATs and writing essays -- you know, that point
"We're taking a stand on this choice," Jay Schwartz, Dictionary.com's Head of Content told The Huffington Post. "We think