And the city's mayor wants to ban the sale of diesel cars by 2024.
Governments and business can no longer conceal the death toll, and publics are unwilling to tolerate it. Governments are acting. The VW settlement is not the only regulatory crackdown on internal combustion engines.
There's no denying that TDI versions of the Jetta, the Passat and the Touareg are excellent vehicles. The diesel engine means
The sun is finally setting on the days when Volkswagen and other automakers could disregard emission standards. Here's how we can make sure it happens.
That's why a race to serve the middle may be coming. On one side beyond the grid solar firms who began at the base of the
Emissions from freight facilities disproportionately affect blacks and Latinos.
With DC's constant rise with new construction and development also lies a negative with diesel equipment used on construction sites impacting the health of people working on and living within a 10-block radius.
As all energy investors know, it has been a terrible year for oil and natural gas companies. Many stocks are down half or more from their 52-week highs. Yet amidst the carnage, one energy group has held up very well - refiners.
Our decision to purchase the Jetta was heavily influenced by VW's promotion of their vehicles as "clean diesel." They suggested that VW's diesels were as efficient and clean as many hybrid cars. By installing a defeat device, VW was able to bypass regulators and fool us into purchasing a car we otherwise would never have bought.