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The ad includes footage of Beyoncé going through intense rehearsals while trainer Marco Borges promotes the benefits of the 22 Days Nutrition diet.
“Take the negativity and bullshit out of your body-mind and put the tacos in."
Why has the gluten-free trend taken off like wildfire in the last few years while the FODMAP diet has not really caught on even though it was developed way back in 1999 and shown to have a high success rate for people with IBS and even other gastrointestinal issues?
A New Jersey doctor thinks he might have the next miracle trick to melt away those stubborn pounds — literally.
If you doubt that children are endangered by obesity and its metabolic complications, you simply haven't been paying attention. And so my simple assertion is that the neglect is the same in both cases: feeding yourself as your children starve, or dieting while your children get fat.
Just like every media darling, these foods are better when paired with equally-impressive partners. These pairs have real chemistry -- a sort of molecular magic happens and their healing antioxidants become more readily absorbed or become exponentially more potent.
With all the new diet trends that seem to spring up daily, it's not surprising many people are confused about what to eat. At the end of the day, all diets use a gimmick or trick to make you focus on how to change your eating habits to be healthier.
The Internet provides us with news on the latest fad diets and health trends. On top of this, we receive emails with drastic nutrition recommendations... These incorrect statements really get to me.
Eating well is a life skill. It's about learning to trust ourselves, getting back in touch with our instincts and returning to those things that nourish us and give us pleasure. Remember pleasure?