dietary guidelines advisory committee

I call on you to do just that. The 2015 DGAC Report is in the public domain. Our hypocrisy, thank goodness, has not yet advanced
We know more about health than we did in the '90s. Why haven’t nutrition labels caught up?
The nation's official position for the next five years on diet for health is on the line, imperiled by bullies. I am speaking out simply because we don't know how many others, encountering the same forces, have decided doing so is not worth the abuse. I am speaking out because: it is.
Founder, The True Health Coalition As noted, Ms. Brody's column was very sensible, telling us there are good and bad fats
Then: Climate change is a thing Al Gore talks about The 2005 guidelines didn’t say one word about the sustainability of a
While we know that sugary drinks such as soda and sugar-sweetened cereals such as Fruit Loops are a main culprit of added sugar, it is often surprising to people when they hear that sugar is also lurking in breads and salad dressings. So what can we eat without too much added sugar?
5. Research about the link between food and mental health is still emerging. "I’m proud that we took that up and I hope that