Differently abled

India's increasing population of differently abled individuals means that the need for educational and employment resources is apparent now more than ever.
For Syal and ARISE Impact, the Collaborative conference and the Classy Awards was a phenomenal learning experience that brought
The SEMs are also bilingual, helping the visually challenged children develop English fluency as well as their self-confidence
Zulu P is a group made up of four rappers (Marly G, Sweetness, T. Rock, Lil E.B.) who all have developmental disabilities and their own unique approach to hip-hop. They create their music from start to finish, crafting beats and recording verses just like any other rap group would.
I recently had the pleasure of talking with my fellow high school alum and good friend Courtney Marsh, who is nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Documentary Short Film.
I really don't mean for this to be a guilt trip, but more of a swift kick in the rear to get you moving! I learned a very hard lesson at a young age and hindsight truly is 20/20.