difficult people

"We're really good at insulting people that we think are garbage," Julie Klausner explains.
We have seen a ton of progress on television. If you compare things to when I was a kid, things have drastically changed
It's the golden age of television. This era can be overwhelming for some viewers, with so many choices, there's no urgency
"Difficult People" hails from Julie Klausner who stars alongside Emmy®-nominated Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner. As
What a good sport. Christian Siriano is a comedian who can dish it out and take it. How do you get a haute couture designer
A mini-musical about President Jimmy Carter? Appearance from the King of Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda? What about Nathan
Difficult People Season 2 1. "Library Water Julie Klausner's masterpiece of television, Difficult People, is back! Besides
"Difficult People" Season 2 Guest Gossip: "What 12-year-old actress is so tired she can't go on? You're on Broadway. You're
In the Season 2 trailer below, Dratch appears to be working at an audition with the woman (Christina Gausas) who Billy auditioned
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