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"We're really good at insulting people that we think are garbage," Julie Klausner explains.
We have seen a ton of progress on television. If you compare things to when I was a kid, things have drastically changed
It's the golden age of television. This era can be overwhelming for some viewers, with so many choices, there's no urgency
P.S. Julie Klausner and Julianne Moore gifted each other "Julie" themed totes for Christmas. "Difficult People" hails from
Christian Siriano is a man of many talents! Siriano first gained attention after winning the fourth season of "Project Runway
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NOT SEEN DRINKING ON CAMERA Is it because Julie took him to the movies? 4. "The Courage of a Solider" Julie Klausner's masterpiece
"Difficult People" Season 2 Guest Gossip: "Difficult People" is created and written by Billy Eichner's co-star, Julie Klausner
They're back, and we don't just mean Billy and Julie. SNL Alumni Fred Armisen and Rachel Dratch are among the star-studded
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Narcissism. We see narcissists everywhere--in politics, in our friend groups and often even at work.
Julie and Billy make some new friends on the subway in this 59 second clip: "Difficult People" hails from Julie Klausner
Daniel Montgomery, a Senior Editor for "Gold Derby" posted a 23 minute interview with Billy Eichner ( Billy on the Street
Tickets: http://www.92y.org/tickets/production.aspx?pid=126308 Date: Sunday, Jul 17, 2016, 7:30 pm Prior to June 6th, Difficult
What should you do if you encounter a client who is misinformed and unwilling to listen to good advice? Worse, what if your efforts to advise the client result in the client becoming even more stuck in his or her position and angry about even discussing what's wrong?
Class is on with Countess Luann de Lesseps from the hit Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York City. On May 19th, Countess
What should you do if you encounter a client who lies, cheats, and eventually steals from you? That's what happened to Cynthia, who provided various marketing and PR services to a client I'll call Derrick, to protect the identity of the innocent and guilty.
All quotes are from "How Was Your Week" by Julie Klausner. Quote Sources: Tim Burton http://howwasyourweek.libsyn.com/sklar