Educators around the world are now using Minecraft to teach children subjects like environmental issues, math, city planning and new languages.
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Most people don't think they will ever need to throw a raccoon down a set of stairs -- including Kevin Rose. But the founder
In April, when Google announced it was shutting down Google Reader on July 1, it was almost unsurprising that Digg replied
Despite a loyal following, late Wednesday night Google tried to put down Google Reader, its longtime RSS reader, quietly
Digg to the rescue? Although in 2013 most Internet-users tend to use Twitter to get access to multiple news sources at once
Plenty of 19-year-olds have gotten canned from their posts as fry chef or bus boy. Few at that age lose their full-time jobs at an Internet star and parlay it into launching their own company. Meet the rare exception: Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kiip.
The new version allocates nearly equal real estate to images as it does to text: In a blog post announcing Digg v1, as the
Remember Digg? Just a couple years ago, it was a major player in crowd-sourced news. Getting a link on the the site's front page meant tons of traffic. Nowadays? Not so much.