digital addiction

Baby Boomers and older Generation Xers are foreigners in this new digital landscape and technology is a second language at best. But that doesn't mean Baby Boomers aren't obsessed with it.
From quitting social media for the holidays and completely giving-up on Facebook to the impact of the overuse of digital devices on our children and relationships. Watch these conversations that explore social media addiction.
I would not have taken that stage without the incredible support of the organizers of TedxAustinWomen: Sara Bordo and Alexis
And I find it amusing (and somewhat disconcerting) that people make excuses to escape whoever they are supposed to be spending time with so that they can check in with other people who may not even be real-life friends.
See some evil. Hear some evil. FEEL again. I remember the retirees I met in the parking lot who shared the story of the birth
To hear more about Giegerich’s struggle with digital addiction, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above. Digital
It's a world, at home as well as abroad, that's coming to dominate not just Emerson College life, but American life. Beware of the digital body snatchers.
Cash adds that problems at home and insecurity also contribute to digital addiction. “Digital media operates through a behavioral