Digital Age

I've always had a tremendous appreciation for technology. I'm continuously wowed by the innovations that have revolutionized
Jay Shetty encourages us to consider the ways in which technology affects our personal lives.
Jay Shetty encourages us to consider the ways in which technology affects our personal lives.
Abraham Martínez González, Professor of Psychology, Instituto Michoacano de Ciencias de la Educación Abraham Martínez González
Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS), located in Cambridge, England, aims to solve the socket problem for good with
Leadership is overrated. All too often accompanied by inflated ego and entitlement, it tears us apart, offers a temporary façade of confidence, and severs our relationship with the only true leader.
Show the world you love yourself just as you are and then challenge others to demonstrate the same.
Scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, I noticed that the young woman whose bat mitzvah I officiated just weeks
Let this quote remind you of how precious life is and how fast time flies, especially when you have children.
The technology now exists to deliver, at the push of a touch screen, a taxi to your door. A doctor can assess a person's health remotely. Computers can process and organize data from millions of inputs.
In the beginning of the relationship, we are in awe of what the phone can do for us. We celebrate it when it's still considered new. We holds hands with it everywhere we go. We clean it and dry it and worship its little face.
How fast does your personal technology allow you to move through life? Most of us have mastered the art of simultaneously operating multiple screens. We texting while watch our DVR'ed shows. We're on the phone as we browse the web.
from "11 Metres" - David Gregory The Digital Malcontent from "11 Metres" - David Gregory As the backlash, and resistance
Hackers: How did you manage to write Design for Hackers in only 6 months? Opportunities: What opportunities did you get as
We further exacerbate the situation by antagonizing our clinicians, pushing the onus of longer term care outcomes to them
The beauty of being in voiceover today over any other time in history is the fact that every session is as near as a simple "patch". By that I mean a studio in one region of the country -- say Austin, Texas -- can easily patch (connect remotely) with another studio, say, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
There are many different ways that people have named and defined the generation I was born into. We are the generation that
AOL co-founder Steve Case sits down with HuffPost Live to discuss his book "The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the
Go into the archives of advertising and pick some ad at random. What will impress you immediately is how text-heavy advertising was until about 15 years ago.