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If you've ever asked yourself, "Why does my face look crooked in pictures?" you should definitely read this.
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I miss the days of getting in front of disposable cameras.
Think about the last thing you watched on TV - was it all shot from one camera angle? Of course not. Even the most interesting
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2) The Rollei 35 - What a great little camera. Again, an all mechanical workhorse. Dependable and durable and small! The
Unlike famous and successful independent inventors such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, most the folks who invented the gadgets and technologies that enable our 21st-century lives perform in relative obscurity.
Sony lists the NEX-6 with an 16-50mm kit lens for $900. We've been able to find it online for $875. If you're willing to get the body without the lens, you'll find it online for as little as $748. In comparison, the higher end NEX-7 costs $1000 from Sony without any lens.
Cheetahs enjoy the status as the world's fastest runners, and now viewers can enjoy them in an exquisite slow-motion video
Have you ever wondered when you can simply use a smartphone to take a picture, and when you should use a proper camera?
When Greg Harper reached into his bag of tricks to share the coolest in digital gear, I was standing ready to blog his sage advice and share it with you.
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With 2012 just around the corner, we are planning resolutions and bracing for change. However, our pocketbooks will also
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The sudden entitlement of anyone with a decent camera to call themselves a "photographer" sometimes leaves no discernment between the art of the form and the act of the form.
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I've often said that New York is the retail capital of the world, and that no international shop or designer is truly global without a location here. But we also have a number of shops that are ONLY here.
Gramma's live-blogging the whole thing. She's got her friends on GrannyNet, and they're hanging on every word. Later she'll try to get Baby Rufus on her lap long enough to Skype them and show off a little.
Type: Single-lens reflex digital camera Lens mount: Nikon F mount (with AF contacts) Effective pixels: 14.2 million Image
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Almalki, now a celebrated Saudi photographer, says his gift is in his photography and the more time he dedicates to it, the more rewarding it becomes.
Is photo licensing obsolete in the digital age? I asked two professional photographers, Peter Wayne and Paul M. Bowers, and their thoughts on the subject might surprise you.
PMA is going down later this month in Anaheim, but that won't be stopping the camera manufacturers from announcing their
The Home Is Where You Make It Project is shining the light on an often overlooked national problem: youth homelessness. By decorating small replicas of homes with various forms of art, homeless youth are getting their message out that they are part of our communities as well.