digital comics

Digital comics are over their growing pains and look great on smartphones.
When the unthinkable happens -- Batman is taken out of commission by Gotham City's nastiest villains -- who do you call? Well, none other than DC Comics' star-spangled, gold-bangled princess herself, Wonder Woman.
DC Comics announced today their new DC Digital initiative, called DC2 and DC2 Multiverse, two brand new methods of comic storytelling for the company.
I ask him: isn't that what he's doing right now? He wouldn't make the claim, but when it comes to comic book writers, Mark
Archie Comics is unveiling today a major step in digital distribution.
I like holding a comic in my hands, I like the smell. I like having a huge box of them to browse through. I like having a huge bookshelf of comics that people can browse and open and inspect. I like to lend people books.
Last week, renowned comic book writer and editor Mark Waid announced that he was leaving his position as Chief Creative Officer
Comic book readers get excited! DC Comics has partnered with comiXology and PlayStationNetwork for two separate digital comics
The comics industry has seen its share of wars over the years, both secret and civil. But can it withstand format wars as