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In a country with one of the lowest rates of female participation in the labor market, the digital economy is enabling some women to become breadwinners
Other counties are already ahead but the UK is well placed to build in its leadership in digital economy adoption and world
With the global economy stuck in a low growth trap characterised by slowing productivity and rising inequality, the German
(Mosaic from President Obama's GES 2016. Photo courtesy of Sonita Lontoh) These past few months have been an interesting
Ms. Messer served as a board member, President and Chief Operating Officer of LinkShare until its sale to Rakuten(4755:JASDAQ
Everything is changing each day and humans are making decisions that affect life in the future for generations to come.
The rapid onset of the digital economy has dramatically changed the traditional role of the finance function, and by proxy, the roles and responsibilities of the CFO. Gone are the days of living and dying by the spreadsheet, and waiting for monthly or even yearly figures to make financial projections.
With you as managers, workers and their unions have dealt with the introduction of new technology for decades. The worlds
The gig economy is still part and parcel of the larger rigged economy -- where huge swaths of the U.S. middle class have remained economically stagnant for 20 years, union membership has been declining for decades, and income inequality has reached a 30-year high.
This week's HotBrand is Baidu, but again for the wrong reasons, as there is another scandal linked to the brand. A lot of
I'm Fred Raillard, CEO, Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer of FRED & FARID, a social, content, tech solutions for brands
This week's HotTopic is an A4 piece of paper. It all started with a Chinese actress who posted a picture of her holding a piece of paper in the vertical position, hiding her waist. Thereby showing how thin her waist is.
This week's HotTopic is AI -- Artificial Intelligence. This time it's related to the game of Go. Go is a very famous popular game in China, where you choose to play either black or white, and have to circle your opponent to win the game.
Globalization -- for many people, that word conjures up, at best, images of container ships moving manufactured goods from far-flung factories. In fact, since the Great Recession of 2008, the global flow of goods and services has flattened, and cross-border capital flows have declined sharply. But globalization overall isn't on the wane. Like so much in our world today, it has reinvented itself by going digital.
The emerging class of worker is taking advantage of opportunities that weren't available a generation ago. And, it is creating a social shift in how people think about their careers and lifetime employment.
When it comes to understanding the pace of global digital evolution, the digital growth of developed countries usually has
Last week there was another regulation concerning the Chinese Internet, forbidding foreign companies from posting content on Chinese social media. In short, Beijing is getting more and more controlling over anything and everything that is broadcasted in China online and offline, on the Internet and on TV.
This week, the HotBrand is Apple Pay, Apple's mobile payment system which arrived in China. This was a big topic as mobile payment is at the center of the whole digital 'big players' battle in China.