Digital forensics

But these first 12 months as a sexual assault nurse have shown me that we still have a long way to go in addressing this crisis.
Will forensic computer technicians be able to find a Hillary Clinton email if it was deleted from her server? It's about the most popular question I get asked these days. So, for your reading pleasure, a primer on email deletion, data destruction, and hard drive erasing.
Recent news suggests that just by wearing Google Glass, you can be accused of committing a crime.
As new software continue to emerge, there will be hurdles to creating exact replications of the necessary underlying data for production in court. Creating tools to extract unique file types and tools to view those files in a readable format will become the weapons in the e-discovery vendor's arsenal.
A great education, combined with professional certificates and hands-on experience, will help to create the well-rounded professionals that the digital forensics and cyber security industries need to shape and protect our increasingly mobile world.
In order to provide adequate personnel and resources to combat and stop these threats, higher education institutions need to see the bigger picture of intense cyber security threats that can do more damage than a hacker stealing someone's email login.
Perhaps devices like Google Glass will provide an impetus to change the cyber security and forensics education landscape. This technology is not designed to replace our current computers or smartphones, but to compliment them.
Before going on a murderous rampage, Adam Lanza reportedly destroyed his hard drive, but experts say clues for his motive can still be found in his Internet history.
"Your Internet history is very telling," said Monique Ferraro, an attorney and digital forensics expert. "Even without a