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Moreover, it would mean that people and companies could move between linked countries - in this case, ideally all those in
As cities try to use tech for good, they'll need to do a better job focusing on the needs of everyone, not just elites.
Part of the problem with was not that we didn’t have a lot of hardworking people paying attention to it, but
This new dashboard allowed officials including the chief minister to track the progress. He used the dashboard in his meetings to ensure "that no vulnerable or affected areas were neglected."
It isn't really enough to simply "blow the whistle" or "take someone to task" for's failures. Those issues
Over in the United Kingdom, however, it's old hat, as NPR's Elise Hu found out when she interviewed Mike Bracken, executive
Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently unveiled the newly relaunched, the official website for the biggest city in the country. This was the site's first redesign in a decade, and the new user experience is unlike any other government website out there. This was our goal.
In the 21st century, federal government must go mobile, putting government services and information at the fingertips of citizens, said United States Chief Technology Officer Todd Park in a wide-ranging interview this week.