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About 11 full-time employees — including five managers — were cut as HuffPost "realigns its video strategy," the company said.
It's the latest casualty in the struggling digital media industry.
"I don’t need a pair of Nikes. I need a 401(k)" -- and other lessons from the death of a venture-backed, Facebook-dependent, millennial-focused news site.
Staff cuts at BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Gannett, Yahoo and AOL marked a horrible month for journalism.
“We believe that more and more people are prepared to pay for high quality in-depth journalism that helps them make sense of the world," CEO Mark Thompson said.
Proximity is the new watchword in pop culture and marketing. Today, millennials ― and everyone else ― live with only one
Interesting take, Mr. Thoreau. Mind if I call you Henry? You can tweet that to your followers as soon as we boot things up
Cross Device Tracking and Attribution Attribution and tracking is an essential component to any marketing strategy. It enables
Conversely however, if machine intelligence can automate ordering, displacing, photo editing, travel bookings, advisory and
The New York Times’ “rising star” becomes the site’s second newsroom leader, following founder Arianna Huffington.
Believe me, I'm with you. I find 'engagement' as a measure of social media success unsatisfying, at best. For years it's
Podcaster newbies are launching shows into the digital marketplace at growing rates. Exactly how many? Data is unclear. However
Entertainment Benefits Group is among the largest sellers of live-event tickets in the world. While you may not know them
The separation of national infrastructure between companies that provide the assets and the maintenance of those assets has
Global media systems cannot effectively contribute to social progress until opportunities are more widely shared.
The lesson here for online knowledge sharing communities is to always be on alert to non-vetted, inaccurate content. Content