digital nomad

Honestly, 60 percent of being a digital nomad is just trying to find reliable Wi-Fi.
With unexpected curve-balls, come unexpected opportunities.
By Jason Gaspero, All over the world, folks of all ages are turning their backs on the traditional
7. Absolutely every text and call MUST be answered immediately, because of reasons. 9. Facebook surfing, Tweeting, and cat
Your email list is critical to your long term success. Even more important than social media. So start building it now, and
This is one of the biggest challenges that digital nomads face. The fact that you're able to travel freely, work at your
It seems that as of late, fed-up Millennials are dropping like flies from the corporate world in pursuit of their "purpose
I'm not going to lie, it's definitely a change. I'm used to constant mobility and new sights--which I'm not getting at the
" Once we got to know the city, we were struck by how little the reality coincided with negative perceptions. Not only is
I won't give those who say it too much grief though. I think deep down most of them know that it's not luck. But by George
Unless you own your own business or freelance, the biggest hurdle facing you and your dreams to becoming a Digital Nomad
One year ago I left my cushy desk job as a headhunter and grabbed a one way ticket to Thailand. I had never been outside
Obviously I'm new to this whole thing, and probably will fail a hundred times over, hate where I am, and cry to go home. BUT hey, I'm an over privileged millennial would you expect anything less?
Yes, that's my travel packing list It's everything I own. I live off a backpack and travel indefinitely. There is nothing to brag about, but I can say that I never felt lighter and richer in my life.
Working & Sleeping Since Malaysia is 12 hours ahead of the east coast time zone, I’m working overnights to have as much overlap
Three years ago, I quit my well-paying job in the heart of New York City and decided that I wanted to move to Spain. Leaving