digital privacy

But underneath the nonsense, a bipartisan consensus emerged against the privacy status quo.
I keep thinking about how it felt to have a stranger touch me in the middle of Logan airport in places I would only let my partner touch me. I keep thinking about what would happen if they tried to do it to my child.
There is no shortage of ways to monitor your child's activity online. You can check their browsing history, configure the
Some of the incidents were labeled "espionage."
This is the second time a judge has ordered Facebook's WhatsApp blocked.
Like a teenager who is horrified to learn that the little lock on her diary was insufficient to protect her secrets from a prying sibling, Americans have been surprised over and over again to learn that nothing they say or do is necessarily a sacred secret.
The government should only collect email data in select cases, Gates said.
The hackers have "a perfect business model."
Apple's lawyers will testify in front of lawmakers on Tuesday.