Dikembe Mutombo

I don’t think it’s coincidental that whenever terror or tragedy strikes, we come together and light candles. Literally and
NBA Hall-of-Famer and DRC-native Dikembe Mutombo set out to pivot his post-basketball energy toward improving life in his home country. In 1997, he started a foundation with the mission of improving health, education and overall quality of life for the Congolese people.
The team's surprise announcement brought out Mutombo's massive smile.
If legends such as Hakeem Olajuwon can become one of the world's best NBA Players, and Luol Deng an all-star, then imagine the potential that would exist if basketball was just as much a part of African culture as soccer is.
Yasiel Puig was not happy after the umpires overturned what would have been yet another amazing outfield assist following
Many of us love sports. So, with the attention on women's leadership and advancement, I thought I'd focus on how this issue plays out in the traditionally male-dominated sport industry.
We wouldn't be surprised if this baby's first words are, "Not in my house." Watch the video above to hear this adorable little
The gesture was made famous by the 7'2" Mutomobo during his time in the NBA after unleashing one of his signature blocks