But persuasive arts as described by Scott Adams after the fact won't be the reason. The country wants change, which a person like Trump represents in spades. If he had any persuasive power at all, or even a lack of repulsive powers, he'd be leading by a wide margin.
-- In his essay, "Understanding Trump," Lakoff describes mechanisms that give The Donald a modicum of mind control. Calling
Q: How has the decline of the newspaper industry impacted major comic strip writers like yourself? Q: Do you believe the
When we found out expectation paired with effort wasn't the end all, we added new needs to the equation of success. These needs became creativity, the ability to see beyond expectation and hard work, and the need to change the landscape of what we want success to be.
It's a little hard to say, since most of my reading is via RSS feeds. But if I were to pick a few sites I couldn't live without, I'd have to go with the following.
Jerry is one of those rare writers who goes between Hollywood screenplays and novels. He writes dark subversive stories and he somehow continues to get away with it.
Color is coming back to the now-independent free-market democracy. A bit of the Balkan Peninsula, it's only slightly larger than Maryland. But there's variety inside that space, including a mountain-studded interior and an unspoiled Adriatic coastline.
It just makes too much sense. But, what the heck, let's stipulate for the sake of argument that Adams is completely right
Still unconvinced? There's video. Nevermind that Romney has explicitly opposed pot "for all purposes" and once personally
Every woman I know finds men other than her chosen partner sexually attractive. The difference remains that women have the good sense not to throw an iPhone between their legs and post the photo on one of the most visited websites in the world.
There is no question that rising inequality stems from macro-level changes in our global economy. Yet, there is also a growing consensus that government decisions play a key role too.
It's often a bitch to explain new media. None of this stuff makes much sense if you don't use it--and if you resist it. It's as irritating as it is opaque.
Given that most newspapers still don't publish weekday comics in color, my mistake was putting today's cartoon guests in the green room rather than the black-and-white room.
"Are you Hispanic?" they'll ask in perplexity. And when I confirm it, they'll frown or shrug or cluck their tongues with the peevishness of the mildly deceived. They appear to want to follow up with "And when were you going to tell me this?"
If Dilbert is like more than half of American workers, he thinks his employer should do more to reduce his office's environmental impact.
The boss in question operates an upscale restaurant serving California cuisine about an hour's drive east of San Francisco