dilley detention center

Salvadoran woman with broken fingers says medical staff refused to treat her and guards insulted her.
"By refusing to detain unlawful immigrants until their claims are proven legitimate, the Obama Administration is practically
"There we are, watching this soccer game, talking about horrors that people had been through," said Erickson, adding that
I was born behind barbed wire 70 years ago in a maximum-security prison camp for Japanese-Americans in Northern California. My visit with mothers and children at the euphemistically named Karnes County "Residential Center" a few weeks ago triggered distressing associations of my own experience as a child. We too lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety, never knowing what our fate would be.
The House Democratic Caucus posted a video of the press conference: Last week, after 188 civil and human rights groups signed
ICE, part of the Department of Homeland Security, announced new standards for family detention, promising to review people
The lawyers said Dilley does offer some substantial improvements over Artesia. The facilities at Dilley have more space to
Murray said the children and mothers housed at Dilley don’t represent a danger to society, and could be monitored by other
But the government has since expanded its detention capacity for families. Some mothers and children have been sent to a