dilma rousseff impeachment

The suspended president took the stand on Monday to say the future of Brazil was at stake.
With the odds stacked against her, Rousseff’s testimony appears to be aimed at making a point for the history books rather than a bid to sway the Senate to block her eviction from office.
The current attempt to remove President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil bears many resemblances to the Clinton impeachment episode. It is led by a group of politicians who seek to overturn the results of national elections and steer the nation in a different, right-wing direction.
Corruption charges, a deepening economic crisis and insurgency by opponents led to the downfall of Rousseff.
Well over half of the country's senators have told newspapers they will vote to try Rousseff.
The Senate is set to try the president for breaking budget laws on Wednesday.
President Dilma Rousseff is accused of breaking budget laws as the country goes through its worst recession in decades.
Waldir Maranhao said there were procedural flaws in the chamber's vote that accepted the impeachment charges.
A president fighting impeachment names a finance minister not trusted by markets as Brazilians, dismayed by the country's politics, prepare for more hardship in 2016.