dim sum

I never found dim sum that equaled what I enjoyed in Hong Kong. So on a recent visit I set out to discover why.
Whenever traveling abroad I make it a mission on my to-do list to contribute to the local economy. Whether it by visiting local eateries, buying a handmade garment or going to a locally owned market Hong Kong provides an endless amount of opportunities.
Their egg rolls are made the traditional way... actually using egg crepes.
Pick #2 - Yan Toh Heen at the Intercontinental Hotel - "Dim sum transformed from food to high art" is how Chef Yoon describes
Hello delicious! It joins "Hello Kitty Disneyland" at the very top of our travel bucket list. And maybe we'll take a Hello
You know that I have eaten in three-star restaurants all over the world, but I think some of the dishes I have had of late in Chinese restaurants rank with best French and Italian food I have eaten anywhere at any price.
It's not like New Yorkers need a special occasion to seek out amazing Chinese food.
Asia's Best Pastry Chef talks about being a woman in the restaurant business, Dim Sum, and pairing chocolate with caviar.
Chinese food blogger Clarissa Wei recently gave CBS LA a crash course on the cuisine, naming popular dishes and explaining
Here are the top 10 funky bites of my Hong Kong visit, arranged in a likely order of attack.
Just because you've been eating dim sum your whole life, it doesn't mean you're any good at it. Here to set us straight are
One of the most beautiful places on earth, the rice terraces of Yuanyang, are a site to behold.
Before we left, everyone had something to say about China. Most of them were wrong.
Literally translated, dim sum means "touch the heart." Poetically translated, it means the "heart's delight." Too true. Dim
Sometimes we like to think we have every food option possible here in NYC, but traveling reminds us that it's not always the case. Here are four West Coast food finds I'd like to see in Brooklyn ASAP.