dine and dash

Social media posts surfaced suggesting that one of the customers had bragged about "dining and dashing."
A Pittsburgh restaurant recently announced it is banning tips and paying their servers a salary $35,000 with benefits. This is the latest in a growing trend of American restaurants moving away from the gratuity model. We discuss this change and more.
When customers skip out on the tab, Shuck said, it typically comes out of the server's paycheck. Belardi said Palmer is also
He recovered quickly in a local hospital, WMUR reported. He underwent minor surgery for the injury. "He was actually in pretty
Considering the food served at prisons, Travis' lawbreaking may be understandable. In one Vermont prison, inmates said the
According to the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened on March 1, at the Applebee's restaurant in Las
Authorities also say they discovered marijuana and a pipe in Sanders' purse. First, Sanders successfully made her way from