You can't get fresher beer than at Foothills (evoking the Piedmont) because right there is where it's made--they give tours
3. Take a selfie and watch the sunset over Reading from the very random red Pagoda atop Mt. Penn. The 7-story high Pagoda
Whaddya, kiddin' me? Just another dangerous downtown day. Even when it comes to the area's artsy traditions, they're due
Breakfast Platters A couple pancakes may be full of carbs, but it's something that can be worked off by raking some leaves
Diners, in particular the old school, greasy spoon, fake-leather-booth-that-your-legs-stick-to-if-you're-wearing-shorts, tchotchke-filled, usually worn-out joints that are always staffed by harried, but nice waitresses who call you "honey" and take your orders on notepads with a pen (or memorize them), are by definition, fun.
Cheyenne Diner: This place had terrible food and abysmal service (no matter how many times you went there, they never recognized
What an unadorned coffee-holder has to do with power lines and the U.S. military.
14. "BREAKFAST ALL DAY. Only your mom (or someone who loves you a whole lot) would make you pancakes for dinner -- with the
The media hasn't been too kind to the Motor City, so most people who haven't visited seem to assume it's a wasteland of abandoned buildings and zombie workers from old car factories.
We ate pie, drank milkshakes, and confusedly stared at birch beer for a while.