dinosaur discovery

The newly discovered species is being called a missing link.
Paleontologists in South Africa have announced the name for a new dinosaur species, but they didn't have to do any digging
Paleontologists with the University of Washington's Burke Museum confirmed in a study published Wednesday in the journal
A recently unearthed relative of the infamous T. rex shares features with its voracious cousin -- including small hands with
The bones of prehistoric beasts aren't just cool to uncover -- they can be vital tools in today's fight against malnutrition
From unearthing one of the largest creatures to ever walk the planet to a teeny tiny microraptor, paleontologists have made
Only four titanosaurian skeletons have been found in Africa, compared to more than 30 in South America. Scientists from Ohio
Dr. Kenneth Lacovara with the 30-foot tail of Dreadnoughtus schrani, stretching along the length of the wall and around the
Rebecca Hunt-Foster, a paleontologist at the bureau, told Deseret News that the well-preserved tracks now have been photographed
Edmontosaurus regalis, found fossilized in Alberta, Canada. The researchers report their findings today (Dec. 12) in the
Head scans The changing brain Modern birds characteristically have large cranial cavities relative to body size, Balanoff
"Our analysis of the relationship between female body mass and clutch mass was interesting in its own right, but also showed
Dahalokely is believed to have been an abelisauroid, a type of carnivorous dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago during
When the group reached the location, instead of the anticipated opportunity to garner a wealth of information, Bell and the others encountered a scene of senseless desecration.
The fossil, of a baby Sciurumimus, was found in Bavaria. Remains of a filamentous plumage were preserved, indicating that
(Story continues below slideshow.) The group located patches of hundreds of melanosomes encased within the fossil. The sausage
The eggs and nests proved difficult to unearth because the eggshells are extremely delicate at less than 100 microns in thickness
The Talos sampsoni paper was published in PLoS ONE on September 19. The researchers used a CT scanner to examine the bones
"The fact that this specimen was so close to the boundary indicates that at least some dinosaurs were doing fine right up