dionne warwick

The Dionne Warwick Theater is the first performing arts venue named in her honor.
“Burt’s transition is like losing a family member,” the singer said in a statement to HuffPost.
The singer schooled the rap stars for using sexist terms in their music, Snoop recalled in a new CNN documentary.
“I’m gonna find Jake,” the five-time Grammy winner told Stephen Colbert when asked if she'd heard from Swift's ex about the scarf's whereabouts.
The five-time Grammy winner appeared to rebuke Jake Gyllenhaal for his alleged reluctance to return his ex-girlfriend's "All Too Well" accessory.
“I’m tired of interviewing people who are not icons,” quipped Ego Nwodim before the real Warwick walked on.
The legendary singer served shade to Chuck E. Cheese, Oreo, Papa John’s and others. She also convinced Mall of America to contractually ban mayo.
The music legend pushed back on the talk show host after Williams brought up her marijuana charge from 2002 and commented on her Twitter activity.
The celebrity competition again showed that it's got no mercy toward entertainers who are incredibly good at what they do.
The late singer's cousin told Entertainment Tonight that she didn't know what a hologram tour was and that it was "surprising" to her.