From thick, rich Beef Chili to creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip, these easy recipes have you covered.
Make Pie Crust Sure, our grandmothers would wag a finger at us for this one, but when making dough, you don't have to cut
Real talk: we've all been caught with our fingers in the mixer bowl at one point or another. Cookie dough is so good, but since it has raw eggs, apparently we're supposed to eat it in moderation? I've found the ultimate solution -- eggless cookie dough that's meant to be eaten raw.
We decided that a Hawaiian Pizza Dip should not let any part of the pineapple go to waste, so we decided to bake the pizza dip right into the pineapple remains.
What better way to use this season's bounty of fruit?
Crab dip is a staple of summer, but it is time to refresh the classic.
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The resulting dip tastes nothing like the stuff you had growing up as a kid.
Funny Or Die co-creator Adam McKay helped roll out the site's next stage in Internet evolution, 1.5 second video recordings
Once you get the feel for these sauces, you'll be able to whisk them up whenever you want to get fancy.
If I had to choose just one food group to eat for the rest of my life, it would be dip. You know, if dip were a food group.
Do you want to eat French onion dip without feeling weird about it?
Barbecue season is here and with a cool tzatziki sauce, your grilled meat will taste even better.
This version of hummus, made with ripe avocados, is the creamiest hummus ever!
It may not win a beauty contest, but it's so flavorful, healthy and easy to make, you won't care.
Why not make the dip the star of the meal?