The tussle came amid accusations of an assassination attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russia says it's acting in retaliation to NATO’s expulsion of Russian diplomats.
An official chalked it up to "an operational mistake."
A Trump-era national security adviser told CNN she considered hitting a fire alarm to stop a “mortifying” press conference between then-President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
Human rights groups are urging action to call attention to alleged Chinese abuses against Uyghurs, Tibetans, and residents of Hong Kong.
The agreement makes the UAE the third Arab country, after Egypt and Jordan, to have full diplomatic ties with Israel.
The "How to Get Away with Murder" star and his longtime pal show promise with their musical project. Their new single "Iris" is out this week.
The actor, beloved as "HTGAWM's" Connor Walsh, joined DJ Elephante to form the musical duo Diplomacy. Their debut single is out this week.
The 19-year-old victim's mother directly appealed to American leadership, saying, "President Trump, we're a family in ruin."
Sir Kim Darroch called Trump's actions "diplomatic vandalism," according to new cables obtained by the Daily Mail.