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Questions about boy band star Harry Style's sexuality have long been swirling -- and some diehard One Direction fans are
I'm not challenging your adoration, in fact, it's rather impressive. But please stop using your level of affection to measure someone elses "real fan"-ness.
People sometimes look at fandoms from the outside and wonder why these teens spend so much time on these people they don't
There's an epidemic affecting the world's youth in alarming numbers, and it comes in the form of five dashing British and
From Harry having naturally blonde hair (false) to 1D and The Wanted being besties (sorry, but not so much), Directioners
After taking on British GQ last month, the loyal fans of One Direction have found their next target: the veteran rockers
While much has been written about the vicious Twitter war instigated by British GQ's cover story on the reigning kings of tween pop, the coverage mostly treats their young fans as, at best, insipid fools and, at worst, dangerous, high-pitched estrogen zombies.