An annual report calculated that women directed more than 10% of 2019's top films. But clearly, Hollywood still has a long way to go.
Nicole Kidman went method to play the brutal detective at the heart of "Destroyer," Kusama's latest film to gleefully defy moviegoers' expectations.
The convicted child rapist will start work next month on a film about a man wrongly accused of espionage.
You recently participated in American Women's video with several other stars, calling on policymakers to implement laws guaranteeing
I've returned a number of times to revisit the exhibit as, from an artist's perspective, it is fascinating to see works that are not finished offer insight into the artistic working process -- what the artist may have been thinking at that point in the painting.
Director Travis Knight and actor Art Parkinson dish on the complex stop-motion process.
"There's something about [Toronto] to me that's much more sociologically experimental," said Malicki-Sánchez. "This whole
All photos courtesy of Walter May and Tyler Ramsey "It's exciting and magical to work with someone and be able to lean on
I've never been a political artist. When I first heard there was the possibility the U.S. could free itself from its dependence