directors guild of america

The network is bringing aboard 10 women who will eventually direct episodes of their TV series.
Eleven days of films. Eleven days of events. Eleven days of creating change. One story at a time. Outfest is the leading
It's a first of its kind and backed up by research.
HH: It was wonderful to reconnect with the B.U. community and be a part of the Redstones again. I hadn't been to the Redstones
One. Zero. One. Zero. One. That is the number of women of color who directed episodes of television in the 2014-2015 TV season
I sat up a little straighter, waiting to receive the inspirational words that would propel my career forward. He pointed to a brass coffee urn situated on the food table. "I don't take any sugar."
The Directors Guild of America agrees with President Barack Obama and the rest of the chorus criticizing Sony Pictures' decision
All five men have been among the predicted nominees for the Oscar. The DGA recognition adds the most gumption to Scorsese's
Just a few days before the Supreme Court made strides in the fight for gay rights, the entertainment industry offered up
Affleck has collected a bundle of honors so far this year, catapulting "Argo" to what many say is a front-runner status at