Some important things to keep in mind before you cut the cord.
"I imagine we’ve not seen the last of Dennis Reynolds."
"We knew going over the top and offering a customer an option that was more app-based, more software driven, was going to
With an explosion in digital streaming services, traditional Pay-TV services are having to reinvent themselves. The digital streaming giants like NetFlix and Hulu have forced the traditional Pay-TV giants to rethink their offerings.
"You're also able to equalize the impressions or commercials that are served to heavy TV viewers or to light TV viewers, which
When a DirecTV dish damages Dianna Bush Nix’s roof, the company agrees to pay her for the repairs. But more than a year later
A DirecTV representative waives Brian Stocks’ early termination fee. Then the company un-waives it. Is there any way to fix
Verizon's 2015 annual report states that the company is focused on a "digital-first mobile future," while AT&T's 2015 annual report proclaims that it is "Mobilizing your world." But there is a problem with this.
Until today, California courts had been the final word on the "laws of your state," in other words what California law said on matters of contracts and contract interpretation specifically citing California law. In siding with DIRECTV against my nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog and our legal team, SCOTUS threw that standard out the window.