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Dallas’ season finale, and the career-ender for Nowitzki, is Wednesday night in San Antonio.
"I'm Dirk Nowitzki and I approve this message."
The prodigious 7-foot Latvian might be Europe's biggest megastar yet.
The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons should be considered the bible for basketball fans everywhere, and its crown jewel is The Pyramid, Simmons's idea for a new basketball Hall of Fame and his ranking of the 96 best players in basketball history.
GOLDEN STATE Poisonous coach Mark Jackson has finally been fired, with Steve Kerr hired in his place. That's a very good
It's not that Nowitzki hasn't had other offers. On July 3, he passed up the most money in league history, turning down $97
Let's take a look at free agency's winners and losers. Email me at jordan.schultz@huffingtonpost.com or ask me questions
Forget Will Ferrell, any future "Anchorman" movies should cast Dirk Nowitzki. The seven-footer got together with five of
(H/T to Dirty Tackle) According to Dirty Tackle, Nowitzki was awarded a penalty. It doesn't matter what sport he is playing
This video may not be a direct reaction to the Heat's victory over the San Antonio Spurs -- it was made when Miami was pitted
With June now upon us, the NBA Draft is suddenly just weeks away. That realization only means one thing for the hundred-some prospects currently vying to be selected by an NBA franchise on June 27: workouts, workouts and more workouts.
Minnesota's Kevin Love -- who just recently underwent surgery for a fractured hand -- has helped redefine the position with
Many athletes sent best wishes across the Twitter universe as they celebrated Christmas with their families this week. Though
WATCH VIDEO ABOVE Before Dirk Nowitzki made his belated season debut for the Mavericks on Sunday, the NBA superstar visited
While his out-of-key rendition may lack -- well, actual words -- the former MVP certainly makes up for it with heart and
Holding court in the clubhouse with Dirk seated behind him, Barkley spun a yarn about the first time he played against the
Dirk Nowitzki seems to have a lot of time on his hands since the Oklahoma City Thunder swept his Mavericks in the first round
Let's appreciate Dirk for who he is and was while we can, and hope that the basketball gods smile upon him while he still has a chance to prove his might.