On February 17, tens of thousands are coming together in Washington, D.C. to ask the president to stand up for climate. This is the beginning. The beginning of a real battle, for America's future.
All of us who care about stopping climate change pollution need to stand together and say no. No, you cannot buy our democracy; no, you cannot pollute our air; and no, you cannot overpower us with money.
Why would anyone want to sacrifice both the environment and the economy? Because one group would profit: dirty energy companies who want to keep polluting.
The American people deserve a climate and energy bill that not only improves air quality, but also creates jobs that will help pull the economy out of recession. The current bill is in danger of doing neither.
This weekend, we celebrate America's independence. But as BP's oil spill reminds us, a force just as powerful has our country under its thumb: dependence on fossil fuels. Once again, we must fight for independence.