dirty money

If you're not sick of Jared Kushner yet, you will be after watching this show.
We all know money holds a ton of sway in political campaigns. This "We The Voters" video, explores all the ways money continues to help determine the outcome of political campaigns.
Bask in the nostalgia of your school government classes.
Jane Mayer's new book, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, has already revealed many previously unknown facts about the Koch brothers in particular.
Unfortunately for our lawmakers, what happens in Washington is no longer going to stay in Washington. Thanks to a newly designed WhoVotesDirty.com website, it's easier than ever for concerned citizens to find out the truth about the voting records of their elected officials -- and the dirty industries that help get them into office.
By Stella Dawson "For many years we have observed reticence in Brazil to address problems of capital flight and illicit outflows
The Koch Brothers alone are estimated to spend $390 million in targeted races this year. In fact, reports in March already had them at the $30 million mark. Their goal? Protect dirty deniers who will, in turn, follow a right-wing agenda and protect the Koch's polluting interests.
Americans have returned a clean energy champion to the White House, but they didn't stop there. All the way down the ticket, voters overwhelmingly favored candidates who support clean energy, clean air, and strong public health safeguards.
I have seen many Senators come and go and I have no doubt that if elected Elizabeth Warren would be the conscience of the Senate. Because she speaks for the best in you -- and me -- and Massachusetts -- and America.
Here in the United States, money talks. The well-traveled, green bank notes criss-cross the country, often carrying tales