Dirty tricks

Sean Newaldass said he thought the California senator was fictional, but now he plans to vote for her.
As a piece of fake news it was so convincing that even Reuters, the respected international news agency, fell for it. A little
Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is taking heat for dirty tricks allegedly orchestrated by his campaign. The tactics used by the Cruz campaign are reminiscent of those used in previous political campaigns, sometimes without even the knowledge of the candidate.
As Majority Leader McConnell wields greater power than he has ever held in his life, some hack pundits predict that such awesome power will have a moderating influence on him. Don't count on it. People who strive for power the way McConnell has done throughout his career cannot be trusted to "moderate" themselves.
After writing books about the 1950 contest for the U.S. Senate between Richard Nixon and Helen Gahagan Douglas and, especially, Upton Sinclair's race for governor of California in 1934, not much could happen this year that would truly shock or offend me.
Luckily for Christie, few voters are paying attention to politics this far away from a national election, so the bridge-closing won't hurt his all-but-certain 2016 political campaign.
The swift boaters are kicking their campaign of political dirt, mud and garbage slinging against Obama into high gear. Here's a checklist of their latest antics.
Both Anuzis and Richardville included the same line, verbatim, near the end of their emails: "Please join us in condemning
Divorce lawyers are well aware of the grab bag of dirty tricks spouses inflict on each other. Here are my top five dirtiest tricks.
Despite the nauseating tactics seen in this video, Chile won the match 2-1 and will face Uruguay on Friday. Dare we say that