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In post-dictatorship Argentina, citizens, like the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, have been the guardians of justice. Argentine
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The president stopped short of an apology.
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These islands, where the weather in summer is as bleak as it is in winter and where the only constant is the wind, aren't easy to love. It's a climate so perverse that it can rain, turn sunny, rain again, turn cold and rain all over again in the same day.
Many commentators greeted the agreement with deep skepticism. They dismissed the two years of negotiations with a single assertion: the deal should be rejected because the other side cannot be trusted. Some of these naysayers are right. There is reason to doubt whether the United States can be trusted.
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Forensic experts in Buenos Aires are working around the clock to identify some of the thousands of victims of Argentina's military dictatorship in the 70s and 80s.
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It was not unusual in those days for the children of the "disappeared" to be taken by members of the junta and passed off as their own. It was theft of human beings, and it was grotesque.
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Almost everyone knows that DNA identification has been used to free the falsely convicted from prison. Less known is the powerful and admirable role that DNA identification has played in redressing one of the most horrific aspects of the Dirty War (1976-1983) in Argentina.
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That was Argentina in the late 1970s. While the scale may differ substantially, is this not also a description of the United States since 9/11?
While the world has generally welcomed the Catholic Church's selection of the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as pope
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In Argentina, a country whose painful past has been pivotal to the rise of the modern human rights movement, massive trials of perpetrators of atrocities committed three decades ago are setting a historic precedent.
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Feeling a clear and present danger from Team Obama's new bases designed to contain the FARC, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is threatening retaliation and cutting off oil exports to his top customer, the U.S.
Vicious drug cartels are threatening, kidnapping and killing Mexican journalists, muzzling news coverage and carving out a vast zone of silence.
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Sosa won best folk album awards from the Latin Recording Academy in 2000, 2003 and 2006. Sosa, is nominated for three awards