"If I don’t see it out there and I know in my heart and my soul that I belong here ... I have to be that change,” said the model, who has collaborated with Nordstrom and Beyoncé.
The singer lived up to the hype in the semifinals, months after his Golden Buzzer performance went viral.
Every time I start to feel like no one could possibly understand, I am reminded in one way or another that I am not alone.
The show's "Disabled But Not Really" episode missed an opportunity to make the world more equitable for those of us with disabilities.
The past two years have been incredibly tough, but they’ve also shown me how strong I am.
People with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.
The line includes adaptive and sensory-friendly outfits and coordinating wheelchair covers.
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the health care champions that many disabled Americans need, the Hulu actor says.
Per pupil spending has decreased sharply, by 40% per child from 1994 to 2014.
A recent ad for a journalism job underscored the challenges that can face job candidates with disabilities.
“It’s hard to look at things that are uncomfortable. But the only way to make progress is to feel the discomfort," the actress said.
We've been taught to refer to people with disabilities using person-first language, but that might be doing more harm than good.
The actress’s award was a triumph for disabled representation, but how she received it was a sad reminder of the reality of ableism.
The "Queer Eye" star sparked an impassioned discussion about language and ableism on Twitter.
The pressure to conform to Western values, lifestyles and standards of success can be especially hard on disabled Asian Americans.
The eight-episode comedy is based on star Ryan O'Connell's life as a gay man with cerebral palsy.
HuffPost journalist Wendy Lu was born with vocal cord paralysis and has always lived with a tracheostomy tube. While Wendy has used her voice to advocate for people with disabilities, she’s also mindful that the responsibility to champion the disability community rests on everyone’s shoulders.
Disability advocates are speaking out against the actress’ remark that spasmodic dysphonia was her inspiration for a villainous character's voice.