A viral video showed Gabrielle deFiebre in tears over her damaged wheelchair — but the problem goes much deeper.
Sen. Chuck Schumer apologized for using “outdated and hurtful language” when discussing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
"While schools may be slow to find a place for families like mine, sometimes a good-natured big brother can make a difference."
The Senate majority leader was discussing people with developmental disabilities.
"In the end, for all my efforts to protect Emma from others, I couldn’t protect her from herself, from her own body waging war against itself."
"I questioned if our relationship was even real. Maybe I was being dramatic and selfish? Had this all been in my head?"
"There was no time to assess if anyone might see me from the windows of a nearby building. I dove behind a bush and did my business."
Ryan O'Connell said the series, based on his life as a gay man with cerebral palsy, depicts intimacy as he's experienced it. Its final season debuts May 20.
Legal aid attorneys say the government is mistakenly docking benefits because of coronavirus rebate payments.
“I feel like being Asian American and disabled… there's no way to separate those things.” Alice Wong shares her journey of becoming comfortable in her own skin as a disabled Asian American activist and hopes to make room for more to join in.