The Beyhive helped the singer find the mega-fan who says he waited 25 years to watch her perform live.
“I’m so sorry that I’m sure many of you had to go through this kind of thing,” the Pennsylvania senator said at a disability access hearing.
Disability activist Imani Barbarin explains why “happily ever after” can come with a loss of income and health benefits.
The proposed rule would update and clarify nondiscriminatory obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 50 years after it was signed into law.
“Stop and think how would you feel if someone compromised your independence simply for their own convenience,” one wheelchair access advocate noted.
"Throughout my life, this message was repeated continually to me by medical professionals, educators, friends and family."
The Department of Transportation’s new regulation will require airplane bathrooms to be more accessible to disabled travelers.
“During this past preschool year, my son said to me a few times that he wished his friends understood his body.“
Andrew Blake-Newton reported a group of people in a van shot him with pellet gun bullets and hurled transphobic slurs at him.
Mental health challenges can seriously impact your ability to get work done and deserve accommodations. Here's how to get them.