disability benefits

The "whole-of-government" approach to the coronavirus doesn't pause President Donald Trump's anti-welfare agenda.
The newly jobless are applying for unemployment benefits and wondering about their health care. "It just keeps getting worse," one worker said.
If someone can work 30 hours per week, the proposed regulation says, then they aren't disabled enough for benefits.
The Trump administration says people who can't speak English can still thrive in the labor market.
Too many Puerto Ricans are getting disability benefits, the administration claims.
The Trump administration wants to trim the disability rolls through extra vetting of recipients — possibly repeating a disastrous Reagan-era move.
The Trump administration is proposing new rules that would scrutinize disability claims.
A proposed regulation would add a new layer of scrutiny to disability claims.
Ryan said he didn't want to get bogged down in statistics, focusing instead on the psychological toll of not being allowed